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Prey by sequentialscott Prey by sequentialscott
Finished today, Christmas 2012. 11x14, marker. I'd be interested in critique on this one. I'm not totally happy with some parts of it, while others parts I am. I'm not sure the hatching works in the background, but I like how the cat came out, for example.
JudgeDeadd Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
I like the mischievous look on the fairy's face; along with the knife, it takes a moment before you notice it and wonder, with pleasant tension, who is going to be the prey here. There is a nice contrast between the bulky cat and the diminutive fairy. Tiny details (the somewhat misshapen feet, the dark shading) suggest that she is more of a brute than you'd expect.

It's nice how the curved edges at the bottom, and the similarly arcing stairs and shading lines at the top (even the cat's hair is arranged in arcs) create a sort of circular framing around the scene.

The light levels of the background adhere to a simple balance, with dark grey at the top, light grey at the bottom, and a sort of yin-yang white-and-black in the middle. It's also interesting how the perfectly horizontal and vertical lines can be found at the top of the drawing, in the Firm Reality of everyday suburbs, while the rest--the world of the animal and its magical adversary--is more carefree and curved. The first curves on the grass appear very close to the final straight lines, giving you the feel that, at times, the Strange is just inches away from the Normal.

(I'm not sure what the object next to the tree is supposed to be--apparently it's the cat's tail, but it looks a little too thick.)
sequentialscott Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist
Cool - thanks for taking such a detailed look. :)

My thinking about the curvature at the bottom was mainly compositional - I thought that if the curb was straight and parallel to the horizontals and verticals of the background sidewalk and houses that the whole thing would start looking too rigid and grid-like. I like your interpretation, though, and just may adopt it. ;)

That is supposed to be a cat tail, and I could see how it reads as being too thick, especially placed next to the tree. I'm kind of mixed on the background shading - I do think it successfully pushes the background further back, but I have a lot more practice ahead with cross hatching and its effective use.

Thanks again!
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December 25, 2012
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